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PYP Teacher Update 3

KEIS is proud to announce another new PYP Teacher, Ms Libuša Silva-Sabolová. She will be joining us at the end of August, ready for our first day of school on 2nd September. She is acting as our PYP Slovak: Language and Art teacher for the school. Here is a short introduction and welcome letter from Ms Silva-Sabolová to our KEIS Learning Community.

Hello KEIS!

When I first heard about the opening of an international school in Košice I was really excited, especially because of the IB PYP approach.

I am a Slovak national, born and raised in the Košice area. After my university studies (Master degree in primary teaching – PdF PU Prešov), I worked as a Slovak language teacher for a primary school in Košice, then I moved to the United Kingdom, where I obtained UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). While living in the UK, I spent almost 7 years teaching in various school settings around Oxford, I thoroughly enjoyed the mixed cultural and multilingual environment. I learned that the role of teacher is more than the old thinking that they are the dominant person in the classroom. I was fascinated to discover that young children are independent, self-confident human-beings with their own opinions, learning about each other’s’ international backgrounds while also being proud of their own nationalities. This global collaboration in the classroom inspired me to be an international teacher.

When I returned home, I decided to combine my passion for my mother language, culture and folklore with my international teaching experience and I started to teach Slovak to foreigners, which became my hobby as well as the job. I am very much looking forward to sharing this passion with everyone at KEIS. It is great that Košice opens its door for innovative ways of learning and that IB PYP will be accessible for children in our area. 

I love music, the arts, traveling, new cultures, languages and Latin dances. In addition to Slovak and English, I spent time working as a teacher in Spain and I therefore I can also speak Spanish as well. 

I am excited to be standing with the founding Kosice International School’s pedagogical team, so that together, we can begin to write the history of KEIS and create change in education across the region.

Looking forward to meeting you all very soon!

Libuša Silva-Sabolová