Who we are

Children Innovating the Future

Kosice International School Mission Statement

Košice International School (KEIS) aims to provide a challenging, world-class, 21st-century international education. KEIS is the first international school in Eastern Slovakia based on the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB). The school is also fully accredited by Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Sport of Slovak Republic to provide education in international programme IB PYP and registered in the Slovak Schools Network as “Súkromná základná škola International School, Poľná 1, Košice”.

KEIS strives to develop a community of lifelong learners that can innovate the world. We value the uniqueness and potential of each student, fostering curiosity and ambition within our inquiry-based pedagogy.

KEIS supports and empowers creative, respectful and digitally skilled global citizens who can communicate and collaborate actively through a rich understanding of diversity from their local and international identity. Together, we can create a sustainable, just and peaceful world.

Governing Body
European Educational Agency

The EEA is the founder of Kosice International School, and part of the largest independent school operator in Slovakia – ELBA group. We are a family business operating schools for more than twenty years. Currently, we are delivering education in Slovakia for more than 1600 children and young people. We run ten fully-accredited schools of different types around eastern Slovakia, including the prestigious Bilingual Secondary Grammar School in Prešov. We have long term experience in the roll-out and operation of early-years programs in kindergartens, primary and secondary education.

The family business was always trying to find the gap in the educational opportunities within the region. The growing number of professional ex-pats finding jobs in local and multi-national companies in Kosice, such as T-Systems, Diebold-Nixdorf or AT&T (and many others), have improved the economic situation in the region. This continued economic growth in Kosice brought new corporate investors like the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in Slovakia. They have helped to analyse and support the concept of the first international school in the city. With the strong help of the AMCHAM office, its members, the British Chamber of Commerce (BRITCHAM) and other influencers in the region, we have been able to open the first international primary school in Eastern Slovakia.

Head of School
Michael Cresswell

I am born from the rainforest along the Great Barrier Reef, a cousin of the Yidinji people at East Trinity. I have had a broad scope of leading, teaching and learning in international education and non-profit organisations, as well as directorship of small creative arts and automotive, including management and accountancy roles in real estate.

I see myself as a global citizen, culminating my lifelong learning across seven different countries from Oceania and South East Asia to Europe and Scandinavia. As an Australian Basketball State and National Champion, player and coach, I bring a unique understanding and approach to successful teamwork and collaboration. 

This chemistry of elements continues to educate me as a skilled innovator in authentic, strategic and collaborative leadership, open pedagogy, andragogy and heutagogy, through mentoring, workplace relations, coaching and event management. I bring with me a philosophy and understanding of what a 21st-century learner and educator is required to be.