Zľava na školnom predĺžená do 28.2.!

Ďakujeme za množstvo záujmu a stretnutí v posledných týždňoch. Keďže niektorí z Vás nám ešte nestihli zaslať prihlášku a registračný poplatok, rozhodli sme sa všetkým rodičom slovenských detí vyjsť v ústrety a predlžujeme deadline pre zľavu do 28.2.2021. Čas beží neúprosne aj v tejto neobvyklej dobe a zápis pre školský […]

New PYP Teacher at KEIS

Even in this unprecedented time our school is changing. New families are expanding KEIS community and we can also welcome new experienced PYP teacher – Mr. Stephen Bown. Stephen will take over Year 6. Read how he introduces himself: “My formative years began in a small mining town in South […]

New gym is here!

We have just finished renovation of our first gym. We always prefer to stay outdoors during our PSPE hours. In case of really sever weather outside we now have extra indoor space for sports available. We expect this temporary gym to serve KEIS until proper facility will be ready in […]

UN World Science Day at KEIS

Today we celebrated UN World Science Day (which was actually on 10 November)! The day was full of experiments and surprises! We made slime and found out something can be a liquid and solid at the same time! We created explosions with liquids, saw how we could remove pollution from […]

KEIS Online and Distance Education (ODE) Guidebook (2020)

This is a guidebook for parents and staff regarding the possibility for online and distance education (ODE) to be implemented at Kosice International School If the Slovakian government determines that schools must close their campuses, KEIS will provide educational services via online platforms following the established distance learning plan. In […]

Our first couple of weeks in the PYP

The most genuine implementation of the IB PYP in Slovakia has begun at KEIS! There have been a lot of positive little steps in such a short amount of time as we experience our very first unit of inquiry (UOI). We are also immersing ourselves and daily life of learning […]