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KEIS Online and Distance Education (ODE) Guidebook (2020)

This is a guidebook for parents and staff regarding the possibility for online and distance education (ODE) to be implemented at Kosice International School

If the Slovakian government determines that schools must close their campuses, KEIS will provide educational services via online platforms following the established distance learning plan. In such an event, KEIS will abide by the required national regulations and suggestions of the host country. If at any point it is mandated to close campus to students, we will need to follow these guidelines. In this case, we will be providing distance learning to any students that the closure applies to.

We are committed to making sure that students continue to engage in inquiry and the IB Learner Profile through the care and commitment of our staff and the routine of learning, even when it is happening online. Our approach to distance learning cannot replicate the magic that happens in a usual educational setting (the invaluable social interactions and mediation, real-time, in-person feedback, community and extracurricular events, and so on). However, quality inquiry-based, student-led learning can still be sustained and delivered in the form of online and distance education.

Please find below further information on what ODE will be like at KEIS when necessary.