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COVID-19 Opening Precautions at KEIS

Dear Parents,

As we are about to start our first school year together on 2 September, it is important for the KEIS Learning Community to be fully aware of the latest COVID-19 national requirements for schools.

For us to do our best to prevent and manage the possibilities of COVID-19, Kosice International School will have a hygienic filtering process and expectations upon entering the premises every morning. Information about these requirements can be found on the front door and on our information display board at the school entrance.

These COVID-19 national requirements are in place until 14 September 2020.

As additional precautions at KEIS, please provide your child with at least two small packets of tissues that they can bring to school, along with their two (2) face masks, during this regulatory period.

All students, parents and visitors at KEIS must enter with a face mask, must have their temperature read by a staff member with a temperature reader, and also disinfect their hands.

During Open Day on 2 September, all parents and visitors must wear a face mask within the premises, and respect social distancing measures.

Parents must complete the official questionnaire Priloha 3 and declaration Priloha 4 and return to the KEIS Front Office on the first day of school (2 September 2020).

These two documents can be found at https://www.minedu.sk/zakladne-skoly-a-skolske-zariadenia-aktualizovane-2682020/

If at any time during the first two weeks your child is absent for more than three (3) days, you will be required to complete an additional Priloha 4 document.

Attached to this correspondence are the official recommendations from the Slovak Ministry of Education for further information.

If you have any questions, please contact our front office at keis@keis.sk

Yours sincerely

Michael Cresswell
Head of School

CC: Anna Shvets on Pexels