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KEIS took part in the EU Erasmus Programme

Not only our students but also teachers are learning every day and undertaking a wide range of training and professional development events. Recently Ms Lucia participated in the Erasmus course in Dublin in CLIL methodology, and currently, she, with the whole staff, is applying their knowledge to everyday teaching. Our […]

Literacy Week 2023

A big thank you to all of the learners (and teachers) for dressing up in scrabble letters and as twins! We had so much fun these last days of KEIS Literacy Week 2023. Some wonderful quotes from our favourite books can be found on our graffiti wall outside the library! […]

Otvoríme KEIS Medzinárodné gymnázium

Košice International School sa rozšíri o strednú školu vyučujúcu v svetovom vzdelávacom programe International Baccalaureate. Po založení základnej školy v roku 2020 pre deti od 6 rokov a rozšírení o medzinárodnú materskú školu v roku 2022 získajú budúci rok slovenské deti aj rodiny zo zahraničia plynulú možnosť pokračovať v angličtine podľa moderných štandardov až po […]

Science Week in KEIS Kindergarten

Our youngest Early Years students experienced their first KEIS Science Week together with their older schoolmates from Primary. We had a lot of fun with different inquiry-based activities and experiments while parents from KEIS Learning Community took part too! Motivation to learn is guaranteed!

First MYP Residential Field Trip – Minerals&Medieval Slovakia

The first residential field trip of MYP1-2 went to Central Slovakian Banská Štiavnica. We organised it to support the inquiry in current units in Science, Individuals&Societies and Slovak Language&Literature subjects. In 3 days, they had a chance to visit an old mine, experience mineral grinding, and broaden their knowledge from […]

100+ per cent increase of KEIS community this year

From this September we have welcomed more than 30 new KEIS students of all year levels. Thanks so much to all families for your trust in IB curriculum provided by Kosice International School. This year we have expanded our educational offer also for 12+ years old student at Middle School […]

Middle Years Programme Candidacy Approved!

IB Middle Years Programme for children between 12-16 years first time in eastern Slovakia. We have just received IB MYP Candidacy Status approval from International Baccalaureate Organisation, which will alow us to start teaching in this modern prestigous curriculum delivered international and experienced local teachers. This September we will open […]

We are an IB World School!

KEIS just received full authorisation to deliver International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme! After 2 years of work, 2 consultations visits from IB and tuning of all aspects of teaching and learning we are now full member of IB World Schools family! Thanks to all PYP teachers and especially our IB […]